e-Learning for Energy (Oil & Gas)

e-Learning for Energy solution using SharePoint LMS is a full blown learning management system built on top of Microsoft SharePoint and is designed to deliver learning materials to learners in organizations and institutions.

The learning materials can be for online courses (e-Learning) or offline courses which are instructor-led.

Some of the benefits of using SharePoint LMS for managing learning for an energy industry organization within the oil and gas sector would include:

  • Make oil wells data and information expertise readily available to field engineers and operators and engender the culture of continuous learning amongst these engineers
  • Leveraging existing investment in SharePoint and Microsoft technology stack including e.g. Lync
  • Fast-track the creation and management of e-Learning (online courses)
  • Manage classroom instructor-led courses (offline and external courses)
  • Increased productivity and learning outcomes
  • Allow employees to learn anytime anywhere
  • Design targeted learning to suit individual staff needs
  • Encourage social learning
  • Track compliance training – allows managers to put a training on a learning path and track it
  • Create personalized learning path for individual staff or group
  • Enable organizations to reduce their training costs
  • Enable organizations to reduce their IT costs

SharePoint Intranets

ECR offers a custom-built SharePoint Intranet solution that goes beyond the usual corporate branding and engages your organisation in producing a truly collaborative working environment.

Our understanding of SharePoint and the engagement with your people who know the unique needs of your business will enable your organisation to reap the benefits of SharePoint features such as:

  • Document management
  • Social networking
  • Corporate communications
  • Expertise finder
  • Shared groups of practice and communities of interest
  • Project portals
  • Discussion boards, wikis and forums
  • Knowledge bases and Knowledge management
  • Shared calendars
  • Self-service areas (featuring electronic forms in handling routine areas of your business processes)
  • Policies and procedures
  • People search
  • Team sites
  • Enterprise search
  • Business processes management
  • Records management