Learn How to make it in Your IT Career Journey

Question:  What are you looking for in your IT Career? No, what I should be asking you is this: What are you really looking for ^at this stage of your IT Career?

  • A big company in a big city to help you earn some money before you return to university after your industrial training, but not minding if you receive any form of quality training at all?
  • A young dynamic start-up company with international link and outlook here in a small city like Umuahia that you already live and know well, and which would guarantee to give you a career defining world class training in information technology, philosophy and business?.
  • Why philosophy and business? Because at ECR we believe that any career training is incomplete without the necessary ingredients of appreciating the general philosophy of life – respect and love for one another; and basic essentials of business analysis that teaches you the ‘why’ (i.e. real reasons to a business) you are coding computer programs.
  • At ECR, we aim to train the whole person, not just the programming or systems analysis sides of their brains and beings.
  • Plan to make your career in IT happen; don’t let it drift. Start today!
  • Does this sound like the kind of company you wish to work for? If so, hurry aboard as there are only limited places for industrial training placements.
    • Here are FOUR simple steps to planning your IT career:
      • Discover your area of passion in IT
      • Know the top TEN IT career jobs
      • Follow the SIX hottest jobs trend in IT
      • Find a technical mentor to guide you
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