Microsoft 365 & Teams

e-Learning is transforming how organizations train and quip their employees for the digital workplace. Empower your workforce through self-paced persistent learning using LMS365 . Looking for the best way of keeping your employees skill-set up to date ? Contact us today to learn how we can help with LMS365 Learning Management System.


Why choose LMS365

LMS365 , allows your organisation to deliver modern, effective training, measure employee competencies and progress on your SharePoint Intranet infrastructure.

Deliver modern, effective training

LMS365, lets you intuitively combine new and existing training elements, documentation, materials, media, communication channels, and learning methods to deliver a media-rich training experience learners find valuable.

Customise & Collaborate

Your Sharepoint should be as flexible and dynamic as your business demands. Frictionless integration allows you to manage all your activities centrally while collaborating, communicating, and sharing information with third party applications

Integrate easily

Easily integrate third party vendors including payment providers, compliance services, telecoms as well as platforms. With limitless scalability to grow as your business grows.

Track goals & progress

Boost performance with real-time reporting and marketing predictions.At day to day work flow of customers and staff, with effective tracking and record.

Effective Solution
Easy Learning 95%
Cost effective
Low cost 85%

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