Manage business processes effectively, efficiently and intelligently.

With AuraQuantic, you can efficiently manage your organization’s business processes with confidence and agility, while leveraging your SharePoint Intranet infrastructure

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Why choose AuraQuantic

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With AuraQuantic, we can help you to develop and drive your capacity to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, connected, aligned and efficient in line with present and future business goals.

We guide your Digital Transformation journey with multiple connected intermediary goals, while striving towards continuous optimization across all processes and divisions and taking full advantage of today’s hyper-connected age.

AuraQuantic Digital Enterprise Management solutions enable continuous innovation and improvement by managing and optimizing technology, processes and policies in real time. Values to your organization include:

You don’t have to struggle with managing your organization’s business processes. Digital transportation of your organization is simpler than you think. Looking for intelligent, effective and efficient ways of automating your business processes? Look no further than AuraQuantic. Contact us today to learn how we can help with ECR intelligent BPM solution using AuraQuantic iBPMS

  • Automation of business processes
  • Integration of all information sources
  • Real-time analytics
  • Transparency (data and processes)
  • Streamlined work
  • Insight & foresight
  • Business collaboration network
  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovative outcomes

Easy to use e-learning solution through LMS

Technical and fundamental procurement are part of the platform as is the option we offer in the solution for LMS to industires.

Cost Effective

An e-Learning system reduces many costs that would normally be associated with classroom training, including travel, learning materials, venues, and catering. With outdated training methods, updating and reproducing learning materials is costly and time-consuming.

Improves performance

People are always looking for opportunities to grow. Online training allows employees to quickly get up to speed on new processes. One major complaint about traditional training methods is that the time consuming nature of the programs takes away from valuable time that could have been spent on other work.

Convenient & Flexible

E-learning means no boundaries. One of the key advantages of e-learning is that employees have the ability to participate in online courses from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates a lot of energy spent coordinating where and when a course will take place.

Allows timely feedback

Employees are able to get real-time feedback during an online training course. And because everything is connected online, management can also get up-to-date analyses on how courses are performing, and they track the progress of individual employees.

Easy access to information

We all know that referring back to sloppy hand-written notes taken during training sessions is not the most effective way to retain information. Online training helps take paper out of the equation altogether. E-learning materials are stored online, so employees can access important resources any time they encounter difficulties

Personalizes training

Not every employee learns the same way. Even though the course material is consistent for all users, e-learning allows each individual learner to control the pace of the course. Because of the flexibility e-learning provides, users can also take the course in an environment more conducive to their learning style.