User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX Design)

Train To Become A UI/UX Designer with us.


  1. Introduction to UI/UX
    • Definitions
    • Key principles of UI
    • Elements of UI
    • Key principles of UX
  2. User Research
    • Types of User Research
    • Common Methodologies
    • Daily Tasks and Deliverables
    • Tools and techniques

  1. User Story
    • What is user story
    • Key elements of user story
    • Importance of user story
    • Tips to writing a good user story
  2. Design Thinking
    • Definitions
    • Design process
    • Importance of iteration and feedback
  3. Visual Design

  1. Introduction to the application
    • Introduction to figma
    • Introduction to figjam
    • Understanding figma tools
    • Plugins
    • Practicals

  • Prototyping and Design tools
  • Semi project

  • The Future of UI/UX Design
  • Project

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